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Towel Art Tuesday: How to create a festive yule log

Towel Art | Out of Eden - 28.10.2018

With just two weeks to go until Christmas, we've been feeling very festive here at Out of Eden!

The office Christmas tree is up, our annual Christmas jumper day is just around the corner and we've been stealthily planning our not-so-secret Santa. Not only that, our resident Elves have been working hard to make sure our customers and their guests have everything they need for the festive period. 

From A Little Treat chocolates, to tasty hot chocolate sachets, all the way to chocolate coloured blankets, we've got all the extras you need to enhance your guests' stay. 

The best bit of all, though, is that adding these extra touches doesn't have to cost you a thing. That's why we think yule love this simple towel art creation. We know it looks good enough to eat, but don't worry, to whip up this tasty yule log all you need is two face cloths and a ribbon - no eggs or flour required! 

If you haven't seen them already, take a look at our previous Elephant and Turtle towel tutorials. Otherwise, just keep scrolling to find out how we made this fun and festive.

Watch the video

Yule need

x 1 Classic Cotton Face Cloth in Mocha 

x1 Classic Cotton Face Cloth in Cream (or white)

Ribbons - red or green (or both) whatever you have handy. This year we're using some velvet ribbon from a local florist



Step 1

Fold both of the face cloths in half

Step 2

Place the light face cloth on top of the dark face cloth

Step 3

Beginning at the short edge, roll both face cloths inwards to create the 'log'

Step 4

Finish off  the Yule Log with some ribbon of your choice

To finish

Place the Yule log in the guest en suite as a treat for them to find. The Yule log also looks great with a towel on a guest bed, or along side some miniature toiletries.


Pair this festive Yule log with chic miniature toiletries from Cole and Lewis, or leave them in guest bathrooms to surprise your guests at Christmas.


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