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Time to Get Cosy for Winter

Articles | B&B Guest House - 28.10.2017

It’s been mild of late, to put it mildly, but don’t let that lull you into a false sense of security. 

Winter really is just around the corner now, and as a hospitality provider it’s crucial you make sure that cold winter nights don’t result in chilly and uncomfortable guests. So it’s a good time to assess the duvet situation, and as you work your way through the bedrooms changing the summer duvets over to thick cosy winter ones there are a few questions to address: 

  • Have you got enough warm winter quilts? 
  • Are they still in good condition, or is it time for a few replacements? 
  • And how are you going to store and protect those summer quilts to keep them clean, aired, and in tip top condition ready for next spring? 

Now it’s fair to say the Scots know a thing or two about combatting the cold, and our premium collection of Luxury Goose Down Duvets and Luxury Just Like Down Duvets are all made in Scotland exclusively for Out of Eden. 

By making these duvets ourselves by hand in the UK, Out of Eden retains total control over their quality. Made using only Downafresh certified white European goose down and white European goose feather or advanced Dacron Comforel Eco fillings from Germany, a sustainable alternative made from recycled plastic bottles, both of these great duvet ranges are hand-filled and stitched into pure cotton casings. 

Offering great value, our Costsaver Hotel Duvet still guarantees your guests’ a good night's sleep but at a fraction of the cost. Made in the UK exclusively for Out of Eden, this easy-care, long-lasting hotel quality duvet beats other duvets in a similar price range hands down. The polycotton case feels good to the touch while offering great durability as well as being non-allergenic, odourless and independently quality tested for hospitality use by the Laundry Technology Centre.

Let’s talk togs 

What on earth is a Tog anyway? Well the tog rating of a duvet refers to its thermal resistance, one tog equalling ten times the temperature difference in centigrade between the two surfaces of a material when the heat flow is one watt per square metre. 

In mathematical terms, a tog is defined as 0.1 m2 K/W. 

None the wiser? No, neither are we. Let’s try that again… 

The word ‘tog’ derives from the slang word for clothes - ‘togs’ (which are simply ‘things which keep you warm’), which in turn derives from the Roman word ‘toga’; so it’s not quite all as scientific as it might at first appear. 

In terms of the numbers, it’s just a case of the higher the tog number, the warmer the duvet. 

A typical lightweight summer duvet is usually 4.5 tog, whilst 13.5 tog is the perfect warm winter weight, and for those who aren’t able to keep two complete sets then a 10.5 tog is the best all round compromise. 

So don’t leave it too late!

Get yourself properly prepared for winter now, and choose from Out of Eden’s superb range of duvets to guarantee cosy and happy guests right through the season. 

Simple summer stock storage solution 

When it comes to storing all those summer duvets, it’s not going to do them or you any favours just to bind them with string and shove them up in the attic to gather dust; so protect them properly with our practical and economical Zipped Storage Bags

Our range includes duvet and bedding storage bags in a variety of different sizes and, if space is really tight, cut the volume dramatically by using our space saving Vacuum Storage Bags. 

Browse our duvet collection online or contact our customer service team at Out of Eden on 01768 372939, and make sure you’re all ready for a cosy and comfortable winter.

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