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Stay Ahead of Bed Bugs

Articles | Out of Eden - 12.10.2023

Within the hospitality industry, bed bugs can move between hotels on guest clothing and suitcases. But don’t let the possibility of bed bug infestations make you feel uneasy about welcoming each new guest. In this article, we have a few ideas about how you can stay ahead to prevent bed bugs from making a home in your guest accommodation.

Firstly, What Are Bedbugs and What Do They Look Like? 

Bed bugs are tiny insects that feed on blood. They are almost always active at night. Adult bed bugs are brown in colour, about the size of a grain of rice and have six legs. Unfed bed bugs are easy to identify as their abdomens are very flat and they move quickly.

What Do Bed Bugs Look Like

How Can You Spot Bed Bugs in Your Guest Accommodation? 

Bed bugs can live in hiding spots on furniture and in crevices around the room. Where there is an infestation, bed bugs are commonly found in the folds of mattresses. 

How Can I Tell If My Mattress Has Bed Bugs? 

Check the corners and seams of your mattress and look out for any signs of spotting, eggs and debris: 

  • Rust coloured spots are likely signs of bed bug blood
  • Black spots are signs of bed bug droppings
  • Bed bug eggs look like tiny grains of white rice attached to bed frames and side tables 
  • Skin casings from bed bug nymphs – these are pale yellow in colour and can be found along the mattress seams 

How Do Bed Bugs Spread? 

Bed bugs can spread through travel as they hitchhike on suitcases and clothing. They can also hide in soft furnishings on public transport. Signs of a bed bug infestation are not necessarily an indication of an unclean hotel room, although infestations are hindered by regular thorough vacuuming and an uncluttered bedroom space. 

Will Bed Bugs Disappear if I Don’t Use the Room? 

If bookings are quiet through the winter months, don’t expect that the bed bugs will die off on their own. Adult bed bugs can live unfed for several months* (Source sg/blog/bed-bugs/how-long-do-bed-bugs-live)  

What Can I Do to Prevent Bedbugs? 

Preventing bed bugs from settling in your guest room is much easier than dealing with an infestation. Regular vacuuming around upholstered furniture, skirting boards, bed frames and mattress seams is essential. Steam cleaning is also a popular way to kill early signs of bed bugs and their eggs.

Mattress Encasement


Use a Mattress Encasement to Protect Your Mattress Against Bed Bugs

Protect your mattresses against bed bugs with a fully sealed mattress encasement. Unlike ordinary mattress protectors, the Waterproof Fully Sealed Mattress Encasement from Out of Eden fits all the way around the mattress and deters bed bugs from settling around and inside it. The encasement is made from a durable polyester fabric with a waterproof polyurethane backing which protects mattresses against mites, bugs and liquids. 

Breathable & Hygienic

The fabric is breathable thanks to microscopic pores which allow air to circulate for a comfortable and hygienic nights’ sleep, in this way it doesn’t affect the breathability of the mattress. 

Will a mattress encasement fit my mattress?

The generous size of the Waterproof Fully Sealed Mattress Encasement will fit most mattresses, with a maximum depth of up to 25cm

Do I need to wash my mattress encasement at every changeover?

We recommend washing the mattress encasement before you first use it in order to remove any residual chemicals left over from the manufacturing process. Once the encasement is fitted onto the mattress, you can treat it as you would a mattress protector. If you need to wash it, it is easy to remove, having three zipped sides.

Luggage Stands

Use Luggage Stands to Prevent Bed Bugs Transferring on to Your Beds

One way to prevent bed bugs from transferring onto beds from suitcases is to encourage guests to open their suitcase away from your guest bed to keep dirt, grime and pests from invading your sheets. These robust luggage stands from Out of Eden can hold suitcases weighing up to 50kg and they conveniently fold away when they are not needed. 

Luggage Mats

Luggage Mats

Where space is limited, luggage mats act as a barrier to prevent dirt and bugs transferring from suitcases onto your guest beds. Luggage mats sit on top of the guest bed and they are clearly labelled so that guests can see what they are intended for.

The above can help prevent the spread of bedbugs but if you do see any signs of infestation then you should call a certified pest controller to exterminate and eradicate any bugs and their eggs professionally.

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