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Articles | Self Catering - 28.04.2017

Life can be pretty hectic when you’re running a self-catering accommodation business. You know the routine: wave off the departing guests and then all hands to the pumps to get everything done before the next arrivals. 

You’ve done it so many times before and it normally runs like clockwork, but not today! Your guests were late leaving and the place looks like a bomb’s hit it, so you’re already off to a bad start! 

Then it’s all downhill… Not enough toiletries for the next arrivals, dash off to the supermarket for soap and shampoo, barely back in time to make up the beds, one pillowcase short, back into town again to try and find one that sort of more or less matches if you don’t look too closely, home with three minutes spare to shove in the pillow, turn down the quilt, and remember you’re also right out of toilet cleaner, and you need to get petrol on the way too because with all that charging around the car’s now running on fumes…

The high-street isn't always the answer 

It’s astonishing how much mileage, not to mention time and stress, you can clock up trying to buy all your supplies and consumables on the local high street; and out of town cash and carry stores don’t help much either – they might be cheaper, but the volume you have to buy means you’ve nowhere to store it all and half of it will probably be out of date by the time you get round to using it. 

At Out of Eden, we fully understand the day-to-day practicalities of managing self-catering accommodation. 

That’s why our service, our product range, our speed of delivery, our minimum order quantities (there is no minimum!) are all geared to make your life a breeze. 

No tramping the high street, just a phone call or a few quick mouse clicks, and everything you could possibly need is right here in the same place ready to be packed up and delivered straight to your door. 

If you need to simply repeat a previous order, such as a standard weeks’ supply of toiletries and cleaning products, it’s all saved on your account ready and waiting. And if you think convenience like this must come at a cost – it doesn’t. 

Buying from Out of Eden is as competitive as the high street or big out of town stores. 

Self-catering supplies at trade prices 

Don’t be put off by the fact that we’re a trade supplier either, because that doesn’t mean you can only buy in immense quantities. We can’t stress it enough – we have NO minimum order, and we even take the trouble to provide smaller pack sizes of many items too, because we know that cash flow matters and storage space is tight. 

No matter how small your business is, even if you only rent out a tent, you still qualify as a trade customer and are able to take advantage of Out of Eden’s superb service and trade prices. 

What about quality? 

Out of Eden’s products are selected specially for the hospitality trade, so they’re more durable, more robust, they’ll last longer and cope with more wash cycles, than anything you’ll ever find on the high street. And that means much better value for money in the long run. 

We’re here to make life easy, so it really does make sense to join the many hundreds of owners of holiday cottages, apartments, log cabins, farm stays, caravans and even yurts who already save time and money by buying all their supplies from Out of Eden. 

View our exclusive range of self-catering accommodation supplies and guest amenities.

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