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Recommended products for each accommodation type

Articles | Sustainability - 28.09.2021

Wondering which products you need for your accommodation? Whether you run a self-catering holiday let, guest house, log cabin, hotel, holiday cottage or dog friendly accommodation - we have everything you need to ensure your guests have a relaxing and memorable stay. 

Take a look at some of our recommended products below from the experts at Out of Eden.


Whether you're a hotel chain or an independent hotel, you'll want to ensure your guests have everything they need for a comfortable and enjoyable experience. We've handpicked some of our favourite products to invest in for your hotel.


Stand out from the crowd with a bathrobe, a particularly good choice if your hotel rooms are equipped with a bath. There's nothing better than stepping out of a bath or shower and being greeted by a fluffy bathrobe. 

You can choose from our Classic Waffle Bathrobe or our Easycare Terry Bathrobe and you can even go that extra mile by adding embroidery to the Terry Bathrobe, such as your business name and logo. Another great way to build brand awareness and promote your hotel.

Out of Eden - Hotel Room Mini Bar

A Minibar

For a touch of luxury, why not provide your guests with a minibar, a place to chill drinks and refreshments. This is always a welcome addition to any accommodation which doesn't offer self-catering, such as a hotel. 

There is plenty of storage space in our Hotel Solid Door Minibar with a silent operation and low energy consumption.

Out of Eden - Hotel Room Welcome Tray

Welcome Trays

Delight your guests with refreshments on their arrival by adding a welcome tray to your hotel rooms. We have a selection of wooden trays with drawers as well as plastic trays with pull out drawers and kettles. 

Fill yours with tea bags, coffee, sugar sticks, mugs and more, to ensure your guests are equipped with the essentials.Looking for more products to add to your hotel? 

Take a look at our independent & boutique hotels and large hotels pages.

Self Catering & Holiday Lets

For any self-catering accommodation, you'll want to ensure your guests have everything they need including all those extra home comforts. We've picked out some recommended products to add to your accommodation.

Self Catering Cleaning Packs

All of our self-catering cleaning packs include the cleaning essentials your guests might need during their stay in any self-catering property - a disposable dish cloth, Claro washing up liquid, a sponge scourer and a pair of 20-litre black bin liners.With one less thing to worry about, your guests are sure to appreciate this practical addition to your property.

Out of Eden - Refillable Hotel Toiletries

Refillable Self Catering Toiletries

Out of Eden offer a large selection of shampoo, hair conditioner, body wash and shower gels, hand wash and moisturisers in larger 300ml or 400ml sizes, along with wall-mounted dispensers, all of which have 3-litre or 5-litre refills for you to easily and cleanly top up after each stay.

Each 5-litre or 3-litre container can refill dispensers or empty bottles many times over, saving both plastic and pennies. Made in the UK our refillable hand washes, liquid toiletries and lotions represent excellent value for money.

Looking for more products to add to your self-catering accommodation? Take a look at our dedicated landing page here to shop.

Guest Houses and B&Bs

The Classic Cotton 500g towels are designed to withstand the rough and tumble of the hospitality industry while remaining soft to the touch. 

Made from 100% cotton, the towels are quick drying & colourfast up to 60°C.You could go the extra mile by having your towels embroidered with your logo.

Bedding ProtectorsStains, spills, marks and messes are inevitable, but you can ensure all of your bedding investments are protected against those little accidents with handy bedding protectors including mattress, pillow and duvet protectors. With waterproof and total mattress encasement options, you can have complete peace of mind.

Out of Eden - Refillable Hotel Toiletries

Breakfast Cereals

The way your guests start their day plays a crucial part to their stay. 

To make sure you get it right, we have a wide range of quality breakfast cereals.From Dorset Cereals to Kellogg's, Primrose's Kitchen to Nestle, we have every kind of cereal and a variety of pack sizes, so you can get what suits your business.

If you're wondering what other products to add to your guest house or B&B, take a look at our dedicated landing page here.

Dog Friendly Accommodation

With the rise in the number of dog owners in the UK, it has never been a better time to stock up your dog-friendly accommodation with treats to keep not only the guests happy but their four-legged companions too! We have put together some of our recommended products to ensure they have an equally enjoyable stay.

Out of Eden - Dog Welcome Pack

Dog Welcome Pack

Make a great first impression with dog-owning guests by offering with a handy dog welcome pack in a neat brown paper bag.

Four-legged friends will enjoy the ball and two dog chews, and you can prompt guests to clean up after their pets with two waste bags.

Pet Hair Gel Lint Roller

This gel lint roller will make your changeovers easier when cleaning up after pets, as the gel surface is tacky and mildly adhesive, so it quickly picks up pet hair.It's particularly good on hard-to-clean surfaces such as upholstery, while the built-in squeegee removes lint and dust from hard surfaces.

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