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Articles | B&B Guest House - 28.08.2017

Keeping your accommodation spotlessly clean, just like any other task, is all about having the right tools for the job. If you or your housekeeping team don’t have a duster that will reach behind radiators, then you’re going to have dust and cobwebs behind your radiators. 

If you don’t have a tool that easily cleans grout, you’re going to have stained and mouldy grout. If you have cheap flimsy toilet brushes that aren’t the perfect shape for the job, then stains will quickly build up around all your toilets. 

It’s a simple fact that if you use cleaning products which are purpose-designed and built to do the job properly, easily, and effectively; then the cleaning is going to get done quicker and it’s going to get done better.

Do you want clean, or REALLY clean? 

Enter the brilliant range of OXO Cleaning Products. Out of Eden understand first hand what’s involved in keeping hospitality accommodation immaculately clean, and we chose to supply these products because they do the job they’re designed for better than anything else available. 

Take the OXO Long Reach Dusting System for example. This product has really been thought through very carefully, and the result is a single piece of equipment which easily and thoroughly dusts even the hardest to get to parts of any room. 

It’s extendable, so reaches ceilings with ease; you can adjust the angle of the cleaning head; and it has interchangeable heads for cobwebs, rough textured surfaces, and awkward or high features like shelves, fan blades, or wardrobe tops. 

Another OXO product which we really love is the OXO Extendable Tile Scrubber. Somebody clearly looked at the traditional approach of having to stand in the shower or bath, straining to reach the top of the tiles and contorting to get right down to the bottom, and thought “we can do so much better than this.” 

The OXO Extendable Tile Scrubber gives you the reach you need, upwards and downwards, to clean every tile with ease; and the replaceable scrubbing pad is designed with the perfect combination of abrasion and water retention to make the job a doddle. It even has a pointed tip to help get right into the tightest of corners. 

Speaking of tiles, take a look at the OXO Grout Brush and the OXO Deep Clean Two Brush Set. Use these once and you’ll never use anything else again. Grout, shower door tracks, drains, round the back of taps – there’s literally no safe place for dirt to accumulate when it’s up against these devilishly clever cleaning brushes!

They’ve thought of everything! 

There’s plenty more to the OXO range too; like the OXO Microfibre Extendable Duster, which takes the principle of the feather duster tied to a stick and does it properly; and the Shower Squeegee which is so well designed and easy to use that you’ll find half your guests have already done the job for you. 

OXO even produce a Compact Toilet Brush Set which not only has an automatically closing cover to keep it tidy and discreet, but also has a brush head with a tapered design which makes it super-effective at doing the job it’s supposed to do. 

We really can’t recommend the OXO range of cleaning products strongly enough. Try them out for yourself and you’ll soon see why! 

The full range of OXO Cleaning Products can be viewed and ordered on our website.

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