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Multi-generational holidays are making a comeback!

Articles | Self Catering - 28.04.2018

Family holidays are set to be bigger than ever before in 2018 as grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, siblings and grandchildren are all heading off on holiday together! Airbnb reported that this would be an increasing travel behaviour in 2017, claiming that 34% of the people they surveyed said they regularly travelled with their grandparents, and the trend is set to continue in 2018. 

Multi-generational, cross-gen and 3G (3 generational) holidays are all predicted to be industry buzzwords this year as the number of family getaway is set to increase once more. 

Many years ago, this wouldn’t have been so unusual as accommodation types were less varied and foreign travel was less accessible, leaving UK holidays for some the only option. But the number of large group family holidays are once again set to become the norm.

So what’s happening? 

With people’s lives becoming busier, and at times more distant, holidays are a great opportunity for families to spend quality time together and so it has been reported that multi-generations are more frequently seeking a holiday which will suit all ages. 

Other than ‘spending time together’ being a key factor in these extended family holidays, there are also many other benefits for families. Those with small children are able to share childcare with other members of the family which makes their holiday much more relaxing. 

Plus, larger groups can hire large properties which will generally cost less per person, meaning this travel trend is a cost effective one too. Whilst family holidays with those of the same generation (i.e. cousins, aunts and uncles) isn’t a particularly new trend, bringing grandparents for the trip too is certainly a change in behaviour. 

For some families a ‘cross-gen’ holiday wouldn’t restrict their types of travel as young grandparents and older children will all be able to travel far and wide. However, for broader age range families a UK staycation offers the perfect solution to multi-generational getaway.

Self-catering getaways for ALL the family 

When it comes to large group accommodation in the UK, self-catering properties spring to mind as the ideal set up for full-family holidays. 

Saga Holidays surveyed 10,000 over 50-year-old and reported that more than half (56%) said that their multi-generational holiday had been self-catering, with a third noting a key reason for this accommodation type was to live as a family unit and give their break a real home-away-from-home feel. 

So, with the ‘3G’ trend on the up, the task now is to be sure to attract families looking to book their next getaway and cater to the needs of multi-age guests at your property. These guests will be considering: 

  • Properties that are big enough to host the full family, with specific children and elderly guest facilities
  • Plenty of local ‘things to do’ to suit all ages
  • Nearby supermarkets, restaurants and takeaways to plan the ease of their visit
  • Family friendly locations; avoiding neighbouring large group properties which may be hired by noisy guests

Appeal to multi-generational families in your marketing 

In your marketing materials be clear who your audience is; although you need to appeal to all ages the people most likely to be in charge of organising the holiday will be the parents. 

Therefore, there will be key sales triggers for these guests who will be looking for an easy holiday which will cater to their parents and children and allow them time to relax themselves too. If you can also highlight ways that grandparents can spend quality time with their grandchildren, leaving the parents to relax, then even better! 

So, if you’re selling a property and location which can easily facilitate this multi-generational holiday trend then lookout for opportunities to tailor your accommodation to this audience, remembering to appeal to the parents who are likely to, perhaps unwillingly, be in charge!

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