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Is white still right?

Articles | B&B Guest House - 28.03.2017

It’s sometimes surprising how quickly people’s expectations progress. In the past, luxurious bath robes, towels and slippers were steadily becoming more of a common feature in hotel and B&B bathrooms, along with higher quality towels, as a reliable way of delivering a more luxurious guest experience and in turn helping to attract better reviews. 

Since then, increasing numbers of our customers have been telling us that not only do they want to provide robes, towels and slippers for all their guests, but they want to go another step further and have them in styles which stand out above the standard provision – and the most frequent requests relate to colour.

The Cosy Terry Cotton Bathrobe

Only a decade or so ago, if you had a nice set of fluffy bathrobes hanging on the back of the bathroom door, it’s a pretty safe bet you’d have been paying five star prices. These days they’re fairly commonplace right across the industry. 

But the problem which that’s created now is that they’re all the same. They’re all standard white. 

And of course once something becomes relatively common, then it ceases to feel quite so special. Once upon a time it was “Wow, check this out, they’ve got bathrobes.” Now it’s more like “Huh, just the standard white robes then.” 

So in response to ever-changing consumer demands, Out of Eden are very pleased to have introduced new colours to our range of luxury bathroom towels, robes, and slippers. 

The deliciously cosy Classic Terry Cotton Bathrobe in White is now available in Anthracite and Silver Grey. These shades make a clear statement of individuality, setting you apart from the ‘corporate hotel’ look of standard white robes. 

The look is both chic and modern, in shades which complement a very wide range of colour schemes. The material is a sumptuous 400g 100% cotton terry towelling, and the robes feature two pockets along with a lovely thick shawl collar. 

Needless to say, our extensive collection of hotel towels, ranging from face cloths to bath sheets, also come in matching colours to create a beautifully coordinated appearance to the bathroom. 

What about the towels?  

To complete the overall look and feel of pampered luxury, we supply an extensive range of quality hotel towels and face cloths including the Luxury Cotton Towels & Face Cloths which are available in Silver Grey, Cream and pristine White.  

For an even greater colour palette, we suggest you look no further than our Classic Cotton Towel and Face Cloth range. 

Made in Turkey exclusively for Out of Eden, these are 100% pure cotton and colourfast up to 60°, as well as being quick drying and altogether great value for money. 

Choose from 12 colours including dark blue and mocha brown to subtle cream and cornflower blue. 

If you’d like to introduce some colour into your guest rooms, feel free to browse our full range of guest amenities or call our friendly team on 01768 372939. 

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