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How To Make A Guest Bed

DIY | Out of Eden - 27.07.2023

Providing the most comfortable nights rest for your guests is a top priority for all accommodation providers. In this article we will talk about the different sections of the bed that when combined are sure to amount to a great night’s sleep for your guests.

The Hotel bed  

Different to a domestic bed, a Hotel Bed (also known as a Contract bed) is designed specifically for commercial use. Hotel Beds are built to meet the fire retardancy standards that are required of any commercial property including hotels, B&B guest houses, and self-catering properties. They are designed to be incredibly durable, comfortable and effortlessly manoeuvrable. 

1. The Hotel Bed Base 

Hotel beds often feature a smart split divan base with a hardwearing solid top that is ideal for any mattress type and able to withstand heavy guest use. Available sizes include bunk, single, small double, double, king and super king. Any bed base that is larger than a single is supplied as two parts so they are easily manoeuvrable. 

2. The Hotel Bed Headboard

A contemporary headboard can instantly add a stylish focal point to your guest room interior. More than just about looks, a good quality headboard promotes a warmer sleep environment for your guest by adding an extra layer of insulation between your guest and the wall. Of course, they also provide excellent back, neck and head support when your guest is sat up in bed. 

Hotel Bed Base

3. The Enviable Hotel Bed Mattress  

In providing your guests with a great night’s sleep, consider the Pocket Sprung Hotel Mattress. This style of mattress can be turned or flipped every 6 months which will help to maintain the mattress durability and bounce. Look out for key details such as the amount of individual pocket springs (usually between 1,000 to 2,000 springs). These springs are able to compress and expand freely as the body moves during sleep which aids comfort. The more springs, the more luxurious the mattress.  

Avoid that sinking feeling with a mattress made to last 

Mattresses can become damaged over time especially when guests are constantly sitting on the edges. Heavy use can warp or misshape the mattress causing it to sink around the rim. To avoid that sinking feeling, choose a mattress with a reinforced steel wire frame for an inviting bed that can tackle anything. All mattresses from Out of Eden are reinforced with steel wire butterfly springs around the edges which enables the mattress to bounce back and retain its shape after every use.

Luxury Hotel Mattress

4. Bed Base Wrap

A bed base wrap is a great addition to a hotel bed base as it conceals any bed joins and helps to protect your bed base from dirt and marks. Wraps may be removed and washed and so they are a practical solution to keeping your bed looking like new. If you have an older hotel bed base, a bed base wrap is a quick way to contemporise your guest rooms and they offer a sleeker look to traditional bed valances. 

Bed Base Wrap

5. Add a Mattress Topper 

We recommend adding a mattress topper to new mattresses as it will prolong the life of the mattress and also provide sumptuous comfort. Mattress toppers are also a great way to revive an older mattress. 

How to Add a Mattress Topper

  1. Line the mattress topper on top of the mattress so that the corners of the topper meet the corners of the mattress
  2. Pull the elasticated bands of the mattress topper down over each corner of the mattress. This prevents the topper from slipping.

Take a look at our range of mattress toppers here.

Mattress Toppers

Mattress & Bedding Protection 

Mattress protection may go over or under the mattress topper and it is essential to keep your mattresses like new.

6. Mattress Encasement VS. Mattress Protector 

Mattress encasements and mattress protectors both act as a protective barrier against sweat, spills, bed bugs and dust mites. The difference between them is that a mattress encasement fits all the way around the mattress, providing full coverage protection from allergens and bugs, whereas a mattress protector simply fits on the top of the mattress (similar to a fitted sheet). Both mattress encasements and mattress protectors can be removed and washed.

7. Pillow Protectors & Duvet Protectors

Pillow protectors will help your pillows to stay looking fresher for longer and they protect against sweat that can accumulate from guest to guest.  A duvet protector is an extra layer that protects your duvet against spills, dirt and sweat build up. 

Mattress Protectors & Mattress Encasement

Invest in quality bedding 

8. Duvets & Pillows

When choosing bedding, consider your priorities. Are you looking for a luxurious natural fill? What about a duvets and pillows that are easy to wash? Perhaps you are looking for bedding with green credentials? Or something that’s simply the most affordable. Whatever style of bedding you are looking for, Out of Eden offer an extensive range of quality bedding solutions that will suit your style and budget. 

Hotel Bedding

Dress your bed 

9. Fitted Sheets 

A fitted sheet holds firmly to the mattress and is the base layer of your bedding. It’s important to get the right size of fitted sheet to your mattress, otherwise your edges may be off and your sheet will fall away from the mattress. 

10. Flat Sheets 

A flat sheet adds a layer of protection between the guest and the duvet. It can also add a touch of warmth and comfort. While not everybody uses a flat sheet, when it comes to hotel bedding, a good quality flat sheet can be the sign of luxury accommodation.  

11. Duvet Covers & Pillow Cases

Good quality duvet covers and pillowcases are essential for commercial properties who will wash them frequently. When looking for duvet covers and pillowcases, look out for those fabrics that are tested for commercial use - that is those with fabrics that are tested for frequent and repeated laundering. 

Hotel Bed Linen

12. Bedding Accessories

Whether you’re looking for that perfect finishing touch or a whole new look entirely, this carefully curated collection of runners, cushions, bedspreads and throws ensures there’s a style to suit everyone.  Choose from vibrant colours, classic tones and elegant prints with quilted, honey-comb, diamond or smooth fabric finishes - whatever your preference, we have a range to enhance your rooms and delight your guests. 

Bed Runners

Free Samples Service

With many options available, it can be hard to decide on the right kind of bed linen collection and bedding accessories for your accommodation property. That's why we offer a free samples service so that you can see and feel the different collections first hand, helping you decide.

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