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Hotspots for Holiday Lets in the UK

Articles | Self Catering - 28.02.2018

Visit Britain has reported that UK tourism is up 10%. Whilst there have been many reports stating that staycations and inbound tourism to the UK was rising, this figure shows the significant scale of this growth. 

This is great news for the hospitality trade, and also raises an interesting investment opportunity for those who may have long dreamt of buying a holiday home, or even people looking to expand their self-catering property portfolio. 

The current climate certainly reduces the risk of buying properties for holiday let, and so the next question you may be asking yourself is, where to buy? Sykes Cottages has shared the top 10 most popular locations for holidays lets in the UK, and we’re interested in what it is that makes these locations a hit with guests.

Top 10 locations for holidays lets in the UK, according to Sykes Cottages 

  1. Dorset
  2. Devon
  3. South Coast
  4. Northumberland
  5. Peak District
  6. Somerset
  7. Highlands and Islands
  8. North York Moors & Coast
  9. North Wales
  10. Yorkshire Dales

Whilst many of these locations boast stunning countryside, idyllic lakes and beautiful beaches, there are many other locations across the UK which also attract surges of visitor’s year-after-year. Here we’ve taken a look at some of the reasons a location could be set for success with holiday makers.

The three C’s: countryside, costal and city 

Countryside and coastal properties will always attract visitors. People associate wide open spaces and calming seas with winding down and we don’t see this trend changing any time soon. 

Don’t feel restricted by beaches and fields though, many people escape to the city on their holidays too and would much rather be in a self-catering home-away-from-home than in a hotel. The UK boasts plenty of exciting cities, all with lots to see and do, and often guests don’t want to then have to head out for dinner at the end of the day, with only a bedroom to unwind in. 

Many guests will be looking or somewhere to cook and to spend time with the friends and family they’re travelling with, so be sure to consider a city in your search for properties too. 

Creating a desired lifestyle 

Holidays are all about treating yourself. It’s your time to reward yourself for your busy lifestyle and to get away from day-to-day routine. Therefore, people will look for locations and properties which will allow them to really relax and live lavishly and carefree for a while. 

So, when you’re researching locations think about the style of the area, whether it will create a desired lifestyle for your guests, and also the choice of properties. 

The success of your business will be greatly dependent on the property itself so be sure to research the quality of houses/apartments available and neighbouring properties too. Your task is to create an aspirational home which your guests will never want to leave! 

Room with a view? 

Whether you opt for a country, coastal or city holiday let, the views from your property will be a huge factor in generating bookings. Many guests now spend a great deal of time researching a holiday home before they book and don’t just look at the photos you provide but will also use Google images and Google Street View to gain more of an insight to the area and location of your business. 

This theory can apply to inside your property too. The style, design, space and quality of your property will be a key selling point, so think carefully about how you will sell your holiday home, i.e. how will it photograph, what features can you highlight. 

“What shall we do today?” 

You’ve found the perfect location and a desirable property, now consider what the city/town/village has to offer to your guests. How will they occupy their time when they rent your property? This will be as important in attracting the attention of potential guests, as it will in securing bookings. 

If you’re close to an attraction you’re likely to attract guests who are travelling to visit that venue. Equally, guests may be drawn to a location and their secondary consideration will be things to do in the area whilst they stay with you. 

Consider your proximity to places to see and activities in the locations, and then make sure you promote this clearly when it comes to generating bookings. 

Immerse yourself in local culture 

Different areas of the UK offer their own heritage, visitor experiences and culture. Local communities are proud of what makes them unique and use what their hometown is renowned for to their advantage; whether it be history, food and drink or its residents. 

This again will attract visitors to a particular location, and so a destination that is rich in culture has a strong story to use in order to encourage people to visit. Just look at the top 10 hotspots above. When you think of each place you will probably associate an image, memory or some point  of reference – even if it’s only that your husband’s uncle’s friend once visited! 

Opting for a place that is well known is a sure-fire way to guarantee bookings, as long as your property is up to competing with other local holiday lets…and there will undoubtedly be much competition! 

Otherwise, if you’re looking for a less established location then refer to the considerations above and plan carefully how you will sell your property to guests. There’s no reason why you can’t match the success of holidays lets in these UK hotspots, and you’ll probably have lower start-up cost in quieter destinations too!

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