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Articles | B&B Guest House - 28.05.2016

Of course there’s always a towel provided, even in the humblest of accommodation. It’s taken for granted, long established as absolutely standard. Let’s face it, they’ll be drying themselves with the curtains otherwise… 

But a luxuriously fluffy bathrobe accompanied by a cosy pair of slippers? Very much a sign of the more exclusive and expensive establishment, wouldn’t you say? 

Well to be honest, in the 21st century, that’s perhaps not necessarily so. We live in the connected age where customer feedback is instantly spread around the world, and so it’s essential that we utilise every means possible to make that feedback as positive as it can be. 

And a bathrobe and slippers are a really easy way of giving them something which they’re probably not expecting; a great way of over-delivering, and bringing those glowing reviews rolling in. 

Simple tactics like this definitely help to set your accommodation apart from the competition, so it makes sense to look into the idea of providing these extra luxuries if you don’t already; and here at Out of Eden we’ve got it covered for you.

But let’s begin with towels. 

Obviously you already have them, but how’s their condition and quality? If they’re looking laundered to within an inch of their lives, or the hems are fraying, then you’re almost guaranteeing a disappointed guest and it’s definitely time to replace them. 

As you’d expect, our towel collection is extensive yet not expensive. With a range of colours to match any décor, and a selection of weights from 500g to our sensuously luxurious 650g Egyptian cotton, all made exclusively for Out of Eden, and in sizes from a face cloth to a bath sheet, we’ve got more than enough options to make sure your guests feel suitably pampered. 

For the added luxury of bathrobess, again we’re pleased to offer an excellent selection of robes which include fluffy 400g Terry cotton, 400g Kimono style Velour, and the stylish Waffle design in a 50/50 poly cotton. And to help you save money as well as time, we also have the superb Eco Terry cotton robe, which cuts a useful 15% off the drying time compared with other fabrics. 

When it comes to guest slippers, there’s no doubt at all that these are certain to make guests feel that little bit extra special. For obvious reasons, they’re a ‘give away’ item and so cost is important, which is why we’ve made sure to select a range of hotel guest slippers which look and feel great and yet can be provided at minimal expense, starting from well under a pound a pair. 

They come in a range of materials which perfectly complement the bathrobes, and are available in open and closed toe options, as well as a trendy flip flop design. 

We’re always here and ready to help, so please get in touch with the Out of Eden team on  01768 372 939 to discuss how we can help give you that extra edge over the competition.

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