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Feel prepared and protected with our PPE collection

Articles | Out of Eden - 28.07.2020

Feel prepared and protected with our PPE collection

What is PPE? 

PPE stands for Personal Protective Equipment, an umbrella term which encompasses a range of items that help to reduce exposure to and the spread of harmful germs, chemicals, bacteria and viruses. 

For those in the hospitality industry, this generally includes protective gear such as gloves and aprons all the way to respiratory protective equipment such as face masks and coverings. 

Wearing PPE is one of the few precautionary measures you can take to reduce the risk of spreading harmful viruses such as COVID-19, along with thoroughly washing your hands, maintaining social distancing as much as possible and opting for BSE EN 1276 and 14476 certified cleaning products that effectively kill 99.99% of all bacteria and viruses. 

Am I or my guests required to wear PPE? 

Unless you are entering somewhere where PPE is essential, such as visiting a medical environment, wearing PPE is not compulsory. It is, however, strongly advised by many hospitality associations, as it is an easy way to help ensure your and your team’s personal safety when cleaning rooms and preparing accommodation during changeovers. 

The Association for Scotland’s Self-Caterers recommends that cleaners, housekeepers or accommodation owners "should consider wearing disposable gloves, aprons and masks, where appropriate, which should be changed between cleans. Cleaners should also wash their hands frequently or use hand sanitiser.” 

In a climate where sanitisation is already an incredibly important factor to maintain the standard of your accommodation, PPE helps you to attain maximum hygiene levels and reduces exposure to harmful germs and bacteria. 

In the instance that you are cleaning an area where a guest has a possible or confirmed case of Coronavirus, the minimum PPE to be worn is disposable gloves and an apron. In a confined space, such as a hotel room, additional PPE including equipment that protects your eyes, mouth and nose (such as a mask or visor) are also recommended.

Should I dispose of PPE after use? 

This is product dependant and Out of Eden offer both disposable and washable PPE options, so depending on usage and preference, you have the flexibility to choose PPE that suits you and your business. 

Where products on our website are described as being washable or wipeable, appropriate cleaning instructions are provided in the product descriptions or any accompanying literature. 

To find out more about effectively disposing of single-use PPE, take a look at GOV UK’s guidance on dealing with waste in non-healthcare settings

Am I impacting the NHS if I buy PPE from Out of Eden? 

No. It is very important to Out of Eden that we do not supply medical grade protective equipment to assure our customers that we are not competing with or impacting on the NHS and their supply chains. 

All PPE sold on our website has been responsibly sourced and is classed as ‘non-medical’, meaning they are more suitable for the hospitality industry and the home as opposed to professional medical environments. 

Our PPE range 

We have collated a number of PPE essentials all in one place to help you quickly find the range of products in one place and to help you easily stock up on the PPE you need and to give you the peace of mind that you’re protected and prepared for accommodation reopening in July 2021. 

Personal Protection Packs 

Perfect for popping in your bag, leaving for guests or handing out to your team, these travel-friendly Personal Protection Packs contain everything you need for sanitary protection. The Medi Protection Packs, sold in packs of 20, include a disposable mask, disposable gloves and a handy sealed anti-bacterial cleansing wipe. 

The Deluxe Protection Pack features a 35ml anti-bacterial hand sanitiser, reusable and washable pure cotton gloves and a mask, as well as a 20g bar of luxury hard soap (hand washing with hard soap is proven to be an effective way to keep harmful germs at bay). 

Both practical and thoughtful, offering personal protection packs makes an ideal finishing touch in your guest rooms to ensure your guests feel prepared and protected during their stay. 


From washable cotton and single-use disposables all the way to face shielding visors, there are a number of mask options for you to choose from to ensure optimum hygiene and significantly reduce the spread of germs in both your accommodation and your home. 

The disposable 3-layer face mask is a great, affordable option, working out at less than 80p per mask. You can then throw away the mask when used to eradicate all chance of cross contamination. 

A sustainable, durable and cost-effective alternative to our disposable face masks is the 5-pack of 100% cotton masks. The comfortable and breathable construction helps to filter particles in the air, greatly restricting the inhalation of germs and bacteria. 

For total face protection, the VersoShield visor is a durable, reusable piece of protective equipment, an especially popular choice in hairdressers and beauty salons where face coverings are required. Made from hard-wearing materials and designed by medical product designers, the lightweight and comfortable visor contains anti-microbial additives to protect against microbes on the surface, while the protective screen drastically reduces the wearer’s exposure to other harmful or contagious germs in the air. 


Gloves are a great way to prevent your hands from becoming contaminated with germs, bacteria and viruses therefore blocking any transference to your face which can lead to contracting infections or other contagious illnesses. 

For a disposable yet green option, the Vegware biodegradable gloves are the perfect choice. From food preparation to deep cleaning, these gloves are made from a plant-based construction that will eventually biodegrade in the right conditions. 

Similar to the cotton masks, reusable and washable 100% cotton gloves are available, ideal for general household and business cleaning and dusting. After use, simply pop the gloves in the wash and reuse as many times as you like.

Rubber gloves are also available for a firm barrier against dirt, grime and germs as well as protecting you from harsh chemicals such as strong detergents and bleaches. Whether you’re scrubbing, mopping or tackling the washing up, these durable gloves are finished with textured rubber for extra grip, available in two sizes to suit you. 


Supplied in packs of 100 or 500, these handy disposable aprons are ideal for housekeepers when cleaning rooms, as they can easily swap out the apron for a fresh one when entering a new room or property. The aprons are also 100% recyclable, and can be recycled alongside carrier bags, bread bags and frozen food bags, etc. 

Alternatively, a number of washable, more durable apron options are available, ideal for housekeepers, cafes and tearooms, or simply wearing around the kitchen. 

Hand sanitisers and hand wash 

Regular and thorough hand washing is still one of the most effective ways of reducing the risk of contamination and cross infection. Click here for full UK Government advice on how to efficiently wash your hands. With an extensive range of antibacterial, sanitising and refillable hand washes, you can effectively display your toiletries with a range of handy dispensers and wall brackets for a smarter, more hygienic finish. 

Where hand wash is impractical and a speedier alternative is needed, antibacterial hand sanitiser liquid and gel are available in both larger pump bottles or convenient mini bottles for effective sanitisation on the go. 

Social distancing products

Whether you require guests to queue to check in or need to implement social distancing measures into your workplace, we have several social distancing products available to ensure making the adjustment is easy. 

High visibility, easy to read social distancing tape is available with a generous 33 metre length to effectively make guests, visitors or customers aware of your social distance restrictions. 

You can also opt for a plastic free, recyclable social distancing tape option to reduce waste unlike other disposable alternatives. Though the tape is convenient and generally withstands plenty of footfall, for a more physical barrier to maintain social distancing, this smart black and chrome post and rope set is a great choice.

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