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Don’t Make Their Blood Boil

Articles | B&B Guest House - 28.04.2016

It’s an inescapable fact of the hospitality business that if the bedroom kettle doesn’t make a guest’s water boil to their liking, then it’ll certainly make their blood boil instead. We’ve all been there. 

An otherwise perfect bedroom, immaculately turned down designer bed linen, exquisite toiletries setting off a sparkling bathroom, a breathtaking view from the window, all rendered pointless because of that revolting and infuriating thing on the hospitality tray which is caked with lime scale, too big to fit under the tap to fill, with a flex which doesn’t quite reach the plug, and a faulty light which leaves you guessing which way is on and which is off. 

There’s no doubt that the ubiquitous kettle has the potential to undermine a great deal of effort on your part, but don’t forget that it’s just as capable of reinforcing the impression that this is an establishment which gets things right. 

After all, brewing up a cuppa is more often than not the first thing which your guests do when they enter their room (unless it’s the honeymoon suite), so it’s obvious that a smart and efficient kettle which works, fits, and sparkles is a powerful way to help create the perfect first impression.

The best in hospitality kettles 

That’s why the Out of Eden sourcing team take such care and trouble to bring you the best in hospitality kettles. And it really does take a good kettle to win our favour. 

It’s got to look good, it must be economical both to purchase and to use, and that includes being the optimum size so not too much water has to be heated yet still making enough for at least two cups. 

It needs to be simple to operate, which means cordless and easy to fill from a bathroom tap. And of course it needs to be tough and reliable, not to mention a sleek design so it’s easy to wipe clean.

The kettles we supply meet all these criteria and more, including the pronouncements of the health and safety police on cords lengths, plug types and fuse ratings; and we’ve selected a range which offers styles and colours to compliment any setting. 

Our range starts with the simple and elegant Eden Hotel Kettle which comes in black or white plastic, with a clearly marked filling gauge and 1 litre capacity. 

Next in the collection is our lovely Energy-Saving Satin Steel Hotel Kettle, with a choice of mirror or satin finishes and a more compact 0.6 litre capacity; making it a statement in style as well as very compact and extremely economical to use. 

Finally, for a big bold statement of quality, the gleaming Chrome and Black 1 litre Hotel Kettle says a great deal about you and your establishment – certainly a lot more than you’d expect for its price tag. 

Don’t let a tired old kettle leave your guests steaming, when a quick and simple call to our team on 01768 372939 could have them bubbling with delight!

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