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Don’t Let Your B&B Décor Be Daunting

DIY | B&B Guest House - 28.01.2018

It’s as simple as light or dark 

Start by thinking about the colour of your rooms. Don’t panic, we’re not jumping straight into colour schemes, but start simply by deciding whether you want light or dark furnishings. Often this will be a simple decision depending on the space you’re working with. 

If your rooms are large and open then darker furnishing and statement walls will add character and warmth, whereas in smaller rooms lighter colour schemes can help to make the room feel open and spacious. 

Forget fashion, think durable 

It’s easy to be drawn to beautiful fabrics and stunning woodwork but it’s important to remember that you’re furnishing a business, and so you’re looking for materials that will last through many years and countless guests, and retain their quality. 

When choosing furnishings consider how easy they will be to clean and restore. It may not be as exciting as choosing items purely based on what looks nice but it’ll be worth it if you don’t need to do any sprucing up for a few years! 

What’s your budget? 

There’s a balance to strike when it comes to decorating a B&B. You want to give your guests a quality and comfortable stay, but you also need to find ways to make décor feasible. The best way to strike this balance is prioritisation. 

Choose things that must be high quality, like the bed perhaps, and then look for ways to reduce costs by choosing different materials to create the same look on other purchases. Set out a budget before you start the project and use it as a strict cut off point…it’ll stop you adding those extra throw cushions and lamps into the basket! 

Don’t try to be trendy! 

When designing your property continue to ask yourself “will this be long-lasting”, and design styles can be the most changeable. Our advice? The more ‘generic’ your design can be, the better! 

Generic doesn’t need to mean boring and bland, you can create a homely and cosy atmosphere in a way which won’t date for many years. If you follow trends too literally then colour schemes, fabrics and accessories can soon start to feel old-fashioned. 

But, if you have a theme… 

I know this slightly contradicts what we’ve just said but it may be that you’re trying to create a certain feel or guest experience, and your décor can certainly amplify that. To be clear, when we refer to ‘theme’ we don’t necessarily mean Hard Rock Café, and we stand by what we said about thinking about the longevity of your décor, but perhaps there’s a certain style you’re working towards? 

Are you going for beach house vibes or country cosy or city contemporary? Find ways to bring this experience to life in a cost effective and sustainable way. 

Which bring us on to accessories 

So, you’ve chosen a light or dark scheme and picked out your furnishings, finding a balance between high-quality and cost effective. Now you need to add the finishing touches. Accessories like throws, cushions and lamp shades, are the purchases which you can afford to update once in a while so don’t feel too restricted by materials and colour schemes. 

That said, the costs can soon mount up so chose a number of key pieces per room that meet your budget and shop around for the best deals. Accessories give you the freedom to update your style easily and cost effectively and will bring your ‘generic’ canvas to life. 

And finally... 

Our final piece of advice? Don’t rush. This doesn’t need to be a 60-minute makeover! Start with the basics and then build up to the themes and accessories. You could even dress one room first and give yourself time to play around with the layout before you buy all of your soft-furnishings. Take your time and enjoy!

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