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Breakfast - the Meal of Champions!

Articles | B&B Guest House - 28.04.2016

A 2014 survey by the global hotel booking website hotels.com caused more than a few raised eyebrows throughout the hospitality industry. Just what did people consider important factors when booking accommodation? 

B&B owners will be thrilled to hear that all that money invested by high-end hotels in state of the art gym equipment, which is supposedly de rigueur these days, is actually completely wasted. 

A gym doesn’t even make it into the top ten facilities which travellers consider important factors when booking accommodation, and even the good old swimming pool only manages an unremarkable seventh position in the rankings.

A decent breakfast makes for a satisfied guest 

In terms of in-room facilities, our ever-increasing need to stay connected in the digital world was underlined by the fact that Wi-Fi is considered more important than a decent shower. 

But if you find it a little disheartening to know that pictures of fluffy animals on social media are more important than personal hygiene, there’s heart-warming news in the fact that people’s number one priority in terms of general facilities is a decent breakfast!

To be honest, this comes as no great surprise to us. There’s always something special about waking up and knowing that a delicious breakfast is ready and waiting, with no cooking or washing up required! 

Be it a hearty full English, mouth-watering fresh kippers, or a healthy mix of fruits, berries and yoghurts, breakfast makes a fabulous start to anyone’s day – but only if it’s a really good one!

There’s no doubt at all that guests look forward to breakfast, but of course that simple fact leaves a lot of scope for letting them down if their expectations aren’t met. So it’s crucially important to get it right. 

The breakfast you serve your guests will help set their mood for the day, and it’s also their final and lasting impression of you on the day they depart.

The perfect start to your guest’s day 

Which is why, at Out of Eden, we continually strive to source and supply the very best quality to enable you to serve up the perfect start to your guest’s day. 

From tableware to self-service presentation and dispensing equipment, from napkins and table cloths to preserves and spreads, we’ve got pretty much everything covered apart from sizzling the actual sausages for you. 

Knowing what a huge priority your breakfast service is, it’s always a great idea to make a regular appraisal of every aspect of your guests experience and make sure it really is as good as can be. 

And of course our team are always on hand to talk through any concerns you have and come up with ideas and suggestions for you. 

Everyone knows that first impressions count, but it’s the final impression which is more likely to remain in the hearts and minds of your guests, and a fabulous breakfast is a great way to make sure they leave with a smile on their faces and a genuine commitment to return.

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