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Airbnb UK Hosts: Rave On!

Articles | Self Catering - 28.01.2017

As an Airbnb host, you’ll know very well that the quality of your guest reviews is directly proportional to the quantity of bookings you receive. 

When potential customers make buying decisions online, whether it’s Airbnb, Amazon, Tripadvisor, or Ebay, those decisions are invariably influenced by the reviews which other customers have left. So what’s the secret to building an impressive collection of rave reviews?

Get the extra edge 

A beautifully presented space, of course, is the starting point; combined with a charming, helpful and knowledgeable host. But that’s really just the base level. Almost everyone offers those. 

And you need to stand out; you need that extra edge. 

The clincher is the amenities you provide. Those little extra touches which transform ‘nice’ into ‘Wow!’ Now, think about two of the biggest selling points of the Airbnb concept: 

  • The feeling of being in a real home rather than a bland hotel.
  • Experiencing the location through the eyes of a local rather than a tourist.

Focus the amenities you provide on those two aspects, and you’re well on the way to being the most popular place around. So make your guest’s space super-comfy with feather and down or synthetic fill duvets and pillows and cotton bed linen

Equip the bathroom with lovely thick cotton towels, and good quality fittings like toilet roll holders and shower heads that work properly. Treat them to cosy bathrobes and slippers, indulgent complimentary toiletries, and a really nice hospitality tray

All of this is, of course, easily available from Out of Eden; along with absolutely everything else you need to kit out your space professionally and economically.

Once you’ve got the basic home comforts right, turn your attention to the special local touches which are going to make your space interesting, and attract consistent rave reviews.

Think local 

Street maps and local guides will help point people to the best things to see, and help them find them easily. Educate yourself too, by taking the trouble to visit and familiarise yourself with local attractions. 

“I’d particularly recommend Casa Carlos tapas bar, and they do great happy hour deals before 7” is a whole lot better than “I believe there are some decent places to eat on West Street”. 

Which local pubs have micro-breweries of their own? It’s likely that your guests would choose to sample a local brew in preference to the standard brands. 

Local food and treats will provide a really authentic taste of the area. Whether it’s the sausages, bacon, and eggs you serve for breakfast or the freshly cut local flowers in the bedroom, if anything is made or grown near you, or your area is known for a particular speciality, treat your guests to it and don’t forget to point it out. 

Did a famous author, artist, or musician come from your town, or even once live in your house? If so, fill the place with their books, pictures, or music. 

Everywhere has a claim to fame, and with a little imagination you can find a way to tap into it and make your space unique, and help your guests fully immerse themselves in the local culture and history. 

And if you’re still struggling for inspiration, then don’t be shy of copying others. 

Just look up your competitors reviews, and you’ll get some great ideas about what to offer.

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