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5 Helpful Tips For Enhancing Your Outdoor Space

DIY | B&B Guest House - 28.02.2018

Making the most of your outdoor space, however small that space may be, could be the difference between securing a booking and missing out to the competition. 

Creating additional guest areas opens up opportunities for how visitors can spend time with you, and won’t leave them feeling restricted to their room. 

We know, this is the UK, and we don’t always have the luxury of scorching summers and winter wonderlands to work with; our weather can often merge season-to-season, with plenty of rain thrown in for good measure! 

But, there will be times when guests will want to eat their breakfast outside or drink wine under the stars, so facilitate this if you can. It may be that you haven’t got any outdoor space to work with and that’s fine. 

Your beautiful building can simply be adorned in window boxes, hanging baskets and fairy lights for a finishing touch. 

If, however, you do have some outdoor space on your property then here are some ideas of how you can utilize the space with the aim of increasing bookings and improving guest experience. 

1. It’s all in the detail 

There are low-cost ways that you can add interest and character to your outdoor space. From stylish plant pots bursting with colour, to rustic bird tables and serine water features, and even candles, lights and lanterns. Don’t let the warm welcome of your B&B be let down by dull or drab outdoor space. A little light and colour will soon perk up your property. 

2. Pull up a seat 

If your B&B is boasting a garden or courtyard then make sure it’s usable! Have table and chairs ready to pull out of storage as soon as the warm weather sets in. If storing tables and chairs isn’t an option for you then how about something as simple as a bench or swing instead? 

Or even a hammock if you’re feeling a little more adventurous! Find a furniture solution that works for you and make it clear to your guests that the outdoor space is there to be used and enjoyed. 

3. Weather warning! 

Unfortunately, you won’t always be welcoming your guests to a sunshine haven, so prepare for the likelihood of colder weather and make sure your guests can still head outside…or at the very least see the potential of your outdoor space! Awnings and gazebos will offer additional space whilst giving shelter from hopefully fleeting colder weather. 

4. Heat things up a little 

Even summer evenings can get a little chilly, but your guests may want to take in the clear skies and sit outside as long as possible in sunnier seasons…who could blame them! 

Outdoor heaters and fire pits will make a statement at your property and extend your cosy guest experience in to your outdoor space. Throw in a basket of warm blankets and your guests will love to get wrapped up and enjoy B&B in a whole new light. 

5. Make a splash 

If you’re willing to make a larger investment in your outdoor space then a hot tub is likely to put you lengths ahead of the competition. Just make sure you have a quiet corner for the tub to make this work, people won’t be as keen to hop in if they’re on full display to passersby! 

You’ve got plenty of time to get pruning, planting and designing your outside space in time for spring, so don’t hesitate and start shopping around!

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