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3 ways to guarantee a great night's sleep for your guests

DIY | Hotel - 28.04.2018

Picture this: After a few, long hours of travelling, suitcase in tow ready for a wonderful trip away with your family or significant other, who, at this point, are not annoying you too much, you finally reach your Hotel. 

You easily check in to your room – a promising start – and as it’s getting late now you change into your PJs, brush your teeth and hop into your bed ready for a restful sleep away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. 

But, as you climb into bed and slip under the wafer thin duvet, the mattress gives an almighty creek and you feel the springs digging into your back within seconds. 

What’s more, you can hear some sort of feral beast foraging for scraps in the neighbour’s bin outside, keeping you up for hours. You toss and turn through the night and your dream trip away becomes a nightmare combination of sleep deprivation and backache. 

Not a great scenario, is it? 

For hotel giants, the quality of a guest’s sleep is the most important factor, which is why some establishments offer a full refund if guests feel their sleep wasn’t up to par. However we believe a quality sleep should be done right the first time, which is why we’ve comprised a list of 3 top tips to ensure your guests have a perfect night’s sleep.

Invest in comfort 

At Out of Eden we’ve got you covered when it comes to beds, as each bespoke divan set is specially manufactured with your accommodation and guests in mind. 

Our mattresses are created with the knowledge that, for some reason, a guest’s favourite thing to do after being shown to their room is sit on the bed. Why? Who knows. 

Can we help? Absolutely. The reinforced wire edging and butterfly shaped springs ensures a higher level of support and hardiness compared to a traditional domestic bed, making our contract beds an absolute essential for those offering accomodaiton in the hospitality industry. We offer two mattress types specially engineered for the hospitality industry. 

Both mattresses are traditionally hand-tufted with care, comprising a mix of quality wool filling for absolute comfort and a variety of individually nested springs – and the higher the spring count the firmer the bed will be. Your guests can cosy up on our comfy Classic 1000 Pocket Sprung Hotel Mattress and sleep soundly on our sumptuous Luxury 2000 Pocket Sprung Hotel Mattress.

Hotel Contract Beds

Create the perfect sleep environment 

This goes without saying, but don’t forget to tick all the boxes. Ensuring you provide fresh bed linen, fluffy pillows and a season-appropriate duvet will help to create the perfect sleeping set-up for your guests. 

Firstly, make sure the linen is crisply ironed and clean to guarantee that feeling of luxury for your guests. Secondly, keep an eye on the fluffiness of your pillows, as cheap pillows can lose their quality over time. Our wash and bounce pillow, for example, consistently remains a bestseller at Out of Eden as it retains its shape wash-after-wash. In terms of a seasonal-appropriate duvet, consider the tog-rating. 

Typically ranging from around 4.5-13.5 togs, the higher the tog the warmer your guest will be. We recommend an all seasons duvet as this accommodates year-round usage, offering a 4.5 and 9 tog, which can be clipped together for ultimate warmth or used separately.

Hotel Bedding & hotel Bed Linen

Appeal to the senses to relieve stresses 

Sight & Sound 

Don’t let the aforementioned mysterious feral beast keep your guests up all night, or the light coming through the blinds at 6:30am, invest in some black-out blinds or a sleeping kit instead. 

If you know your rooms get overly light in the morning, or perhaps there is construction work going on nearby that is simply out of your control, provide your guests with an eye mask and earplugs to counteract the noise and light. 

Smell & Taste 

We’re naturally tenser when sleeping in a newer environment, so offering your guests calming amenities could really help to relax your guests while showcasing your genuine care for their quality of sleep. 

Another way you can appeal to your guest’s senses is with the provision of pillow sprays and calming teas, particularly ones with herbal and floral extracts such as lavender or chamomile. The sleep spray can be added as a little extra amenity in your guest rooms to use at their will, they need only spray a light mist on their pillow and allow the calming herbal scents to fill the room for a sound sleep. 

Herbal teas such as green tea and chamomile tea are natural aids in getting a better night’s sleep, so laying these out for your guests can be the perfect finishing touch.

Guest Amenities

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