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5 B&B myths that need busting

B&B’s are steeped in UK tradition, heritage and culture, so it’s hard to believe that some people can have such misconceptions about our beloved bed and breakfasts.

Here are 5 hilarious myths which, whilst being very entertaining to owners and esteemed guests alike, are also worth setting straight with B&B novice’s!

Myth 1: All B&B’s are old-fashioned

This may be the most common misconception, but it doesn’t need to be seen to be a negative. Many B&B’s are set in buildings that celebrate their history, as they should, and that is a real selling point for many guests so embrace this myth!

Whereas some B&B’s will be promoting a contemporary decor, many will be proud of the heritage of their building, and their experience in running a business for many years.

Tip: The trick here is to make sure ‘traditional’, isn’t misinterpreted to be ‘dusty’ or’ dated’. Photography can help to bring your property to life. The design of your website, business cards and stationery will also set the tone of your B&B.

Myth 2: Too invasive of privacy

It seems some people are still struggling to see a B&B as a business and feel daunted by the prospect of staying as a guest in someone else’s home.

They’re picturing their room to be the spare room in someone’s house and to be sat around the family dining table for breakfast with strangers!

Tip: You don’t need us to point out how far from the truth this is, but it can be an easy myth to dispel. Make sure you’re clear about your facilities on your website, or in any marketing collateral; the number of rooms you have, if you have a reception or bar, your kitchen service and the hours your ‘chef’ works. This will help to depict a very different experience than some people are imagining.

Myth 3: Not high quality like hotels

We all know size doesn’t equate to quality but there is a level of reassurance some guests take on opting for larger properties, and perhaps chain brands, assuming they will deliver a higher level of service.

If you ask us this, of all the myths this one is top of the list to need to correct. These guests are missing out on the boutique properties, with individual character, a warm welcome and personal service, and the cosy rooms of a B&B, and that is a crying shame!

Don’t get us wrong we boast some fantastic hotels in the UK, but this sweeping statement that all hotels offer a better guest experience than B&B’s just doesn’t sit well with us.

Tip: Customer reviews are one of the most powerful marketing tools you have to work with. Past guests can say everything you want to about your property, but from a completely unbiased view. Promote your positive reviews as much as you can and their powers of persuasion will work wonders on these sceptical guests.

Myth 4: You have to share a bathroom

You’d think in the Air BnB era we’re in that people would be less precious about sharing facilities, but it seems people still like to know that they will have their own space.

Believe it or not there are people out there who haven’t caught up with the times to realise that the days of queuing along the landing for the communal bathroom in the middle of the night are long-gone!

Tip: Granted, these people are few and far between but it doesn’t harm to reiterate the key word ‘en-suite’ as often as you can!

Myth 5: B&B’s are only for old people

Let’s end with some hilarity!

We’d like to reassure you that there aren’t many people out their mistaking B&B’s for Care Homes, but it seems some people are assuming that the quirky and cosy B&B’s of the UK are generally adorned by dusty lace, faded floral and crumpled doilies, with security on the door to ‘keep the young’uns out’!

As we all know, B&B guests can range from 2 to 92 years old so not only is this myth factually incorrect, it’s actually downright ludicrous.

Tip: Your younger guests will often be the most active in taking photographs to document their stay so why not ask if you could share some of their photography on your website and social media, or take your own, to highlight just how wrong the assumption is!

We’d love to hear the weird and wonderful myths you’ve come across over the years, please feel free to share your stories in the comments box below.

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