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10 problem solving products you can't live without

Ever since our founder, Ian, was asked to find a product that would keep bedding clean and fresh back in 1993, our mission to continue sourcing and supplying products that will help to save our customers time, money and waste, has seen our range of products grow from a select few to over 2,500 products.

Given that the hospitality and hotel industry is one of the most fast-paced sectors, with tight changeovers and room cleans, long days and the pressure to deliver a flawless service for your guests, sometimes even the most simple of products can be a gamechanger and save you some precious time, energy and money.

When looking for a new product, we always ask, “what problem does this solve for our customers?” and if we can genuinely source an item that does just that, then that’s good enough for us.

In fact, some of the very best product ideas have started with you, and we’ll even pay you for them! Every month, we choose a winner for our product suggestion of the month, whereby the winner will receive £80 credit on their Out of Eden account. Have an idea? You can tell us here.

Game changers for changeovers

Iron on size labels

1. Size tabs for bed linen

Yes, we're cheating slightly here as our first problem solver is not a single product, but a very popular feature we've introduced to the majority of our bed linen.

Simple yet effective, sewn-in coloured tabs have become a handy addition to the majority of our bed linen ranges, allowing you to effortlessly identify the bed linen size without having to rifle through your linens.

If you wish to create your own labelling system, we also provide handy iron-on labels.

2. Quilt clips

Especially when it comes to changing super king size duvets, changing the beds can be a fiddly, tedious task.

That’s where quilt clips come in. They effortlessly clip into place on each corner of your duvet cover, allowing you to quickly shake the duvet into place, and voila! Your bed is made.

View quilt clips here

3. Quick link beds and zip & link duvets

When it comes to accommodating guests, varying guest needs mean it’s essential to be flexible.

Both quick link beds and zip and link duvets give the option of offering twin beds or one super king, which is an undeniably sure-fire way to maximise your opportunity for occupancy.

The zip and link duvets simply (as the name suggests) zip together as two single duvets, to produce one super king duvet.

The quick link, on the other hand, effortlessly fits around the mattress with a soft cushioned centre to ensure your guests will be none the wiser.

View the quick link here

View the zip & link duvets here

View the quick link

Wonderfully washable

Zippable bedding protectors

4. Bedding protectors

Nothing is quite as exposed to the rough and tumble of the hospitality industry quite like your guest beds.

In most cases, it’s sat on, slept on, thrown about and washed far more rigorously and regularly than your own beds.

It’s important, therefore, to make sure you protect your investments from those inevitable spills, stains and soiling without having to replace your pillows, duvets or even mattresses.

Not only that, protectors are a brilliant barrier against potential allergens, bed bugs and dust mites to keep your bedding free from pests for your guests.

Whether you're looking for breathable 100% cotton or practical 100% waterproof protectors, we've got a protector to suit every need for total peace of mind.

View all bedding protection here

Eco towels, robes and bathmats

5. Eco collection

This exceptional, economical collection of towels, robes and bath mats can save you time and money without compromising on quality for your guests.

The polycotton construct ensures each item in the range takes up to 15% less time to dry than traditional towels and robes while still delivering soft and fluffy towels that your guests will love.

The eco towels even have 3-2-1 header bars for quick and easy size identification designed to save you time.

View all eco towels, robes and bath mats

Stressless solutions

Handy makeup remover cloth

6. Makeup remover cloths

Are you tired of tackling those relentless guest makeup stains on your pristine white towels? You're not alone!

Along with long hair blocking the drains, make up stains are one of the most common pet peeves amongst our customers, which is why we created these designated makeup remover cloths.

Simply pop one of these in your guest rooms and you'll wonder how you ever coped without them before!

View makeup remover cloths here

Boot trays

7. Boot trays

Just like the makeup remover cloths, boot trays are a super simple product that can make your life ten times easier.

With the wetter climes and darker nights creeping in, it's that time of the year again where wet coats and muddy boots become a staple part of your guests' stay.

Especially for those of you with regular hikers, bike riders and ramblers as guests, ensuring you have a clear, designated spot for your guests' dirty boots will stop you picking up the mop each time someone steps through the door.

The boot trays can then be effortlessly wiped clean and popped back into place in your reception area, by your front door, or in your guest rooms.

View all dirt control products here

Tricks to save time

Refreshment Welcome Packs

8. Welcome packs

It's undeniably important to make sure your guests feel welcome and indulged when they stay with you by adding all of those little extra touches, however the reality of gathering all of the components together for a complimentary hamper or welcome tray can take some critical time away from your speedy room changeovers.

That's why we offer everything from refreshment, cleaning and toiletry welcome packs all the way to doggy welcome packs to ensure your guests receive everything they might need during a trip away with you, all compacted into smart welcome packs.

View all welcome packs here

Rubbermaid quick cart

9. Quick cart

When it comes to preparing for your next set of guests, having all the essential supplies needed for an effortless room clean on hand often means lugging around laundry, cleaning bottles, refreshments and a ton of cleaning supplies. More often than not, it's hard to stay organised.

The Rubbermaid Quick Cart has been designed with the hospitality industry in mind, with its ergonomic design, water-repellent exterior, exceptional storage solutions and handy removable caddy and inner liners for effortless cleaning on the go.

Shop the Rubbermaid quick cart

Refillable Cole & Lewis toiletries from Out of Eden

10. Refillables and dispensers

Given the exposure travel size toiletries have faced in recent years, it's a no brainer that many leading establishments are making the switch to more environmentally friendly toiletry and cleaning solutions.

Though mini toiletries were once regarded as a luxury by many guests, growing awareness, and more-so concern, about where these mini plastic bottles end up has led to a complete shift in attitudes towards what a visitors expect from a business.

The good news for accommodation providers, though, is that swapping from mini toiletries to their refillable counterparts is a win-win for all.

Not only do refillable toiletries save on plastic, they'll also save you some time and money too.

View our refillable toiletry solutions

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