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Glass Wrappers

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Your guests and the hotel inspector will love these clear polythene bags that you can slip over your clean bathroom glasses for complete hygiene and cleanliness.
  • 15 x 25cm
  • 90 gauge
  • 1000 pack

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I received the glass wrappers today and was disappointed that they do not come in a box or some other method of storage. They were wrapped in paper for posting but once opened they were all loose meaning I now need to find a suitable container to store them. If not, they will get dirty which would defeat the whole purpose of their benefit of keeping glasses "clean & fresh". If I order a box of tissues or food bags, they come in some form of storage box and so should these plastic bags.
Tom Wardlaw - 26 January 2016

Have been using these for 6 months now
Mrs Baker - 26 September 2012