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Jetstorm Standard Shower Head

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Product Code: 7125


Jetstorm gives you a powerful shower experience and huge savings in water and energy costs using the latest shower technology, where air is sucked into the showerhead and mixed with the water to create a better shower experience, while at the same time using less water!

The best savings are for mains, power or mixer showers whilst for electric showers, where the water is already regulated, the shower experience is improved with the added benefit of potentially shorter showers.

  • Uses up to 45% less water (and energy)  
  • No plumbing necessary - easy to install
  • This product is available to trade customers only

Was recommended by a colleague to this shower head and thought it just a whim but it's fantastic, you definitely don't use as much water so if on a water meter this will certainly save you money, it's been one of the best items we've bought. Well recommended.
Jean - 26 August 2016

All of our showers now use this special head. It does exactly what it says it is going to and gives a powerful shower whilst saving water and electricity - brill!
Lynda Brown - 26 July 2016

Absolutely fantastic shower, you don't realise how rubbish the old ones are until you try this!
Amie Bissland - 02 February 2016

not a good experience, it does produce a more powerful jet but you don't feel washed so have to run shower much longer. when you switch off the shower there is a lot of water that runs down the hose, which means that if you are in a hard water area there is a lot of lime scale build up on the hose and tap, so adds to "change over" time and additional cost in using descaler
ling - 21 March 2014

I have bought several of these superb shower heads, they make such a difference when the water pressure is a little on the low side - highly recommended.
Angela Cooper - 10 February 2014

An amazing experience!I bought one for a bathroom, and will definitely buy more
Mrs Diana Couling - 28 July 2012