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Boot Trays

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Product Code: 6126_6127

Small Plastic Boot Tray - 6126
Large Plastic Boot Tray - 6127

Exclusively designed and manufactured for Out of Eden these boot trays are the perfect place for your guests to place their trainers, walking boots and shoes which are always dirtier than they think they are. Our larger boot tray is ideal for the hallway, kitchen or lobby areas, or where more shoe storage is required.

  • Exclusively designed and manufactured for Out of Eden
  • Made from tough injection moulded, recycled polypropylene
  • Easy to wipe clean
  • Comes with a permanent label requesting guests to place footwear here
  • Dimensions: Small 56 x 40 x 4cm (L/W/H) Large 79 x 40 x 4cm

"A very good product that our guests make a lot of use of - so good we actually have 2 of these" ~ The Rumblie

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Perfect for the hall
Louise Ffiield - 04 January 2017

I got this to place my dog food bowls in as my dogs are messy eaters/drinkers. So convenient... just take it outside and hose it down. No more wet socks from walking through spilt water. Deffo recommend.
Lois - 17 November 2016

Easy for two adult walking boots, fits very nicely into small area
Karen - 31 October 2016

Great product - gets a lot of use I will be ordering another one with my next order
michelle O'Brien - 06 September 2016

Excellent product. The tray has deep sides so it keeps in the dirt and off the floors. Excellent service as normal and quick delivery.
Rasger - 16 August 2016

Does what it says ! Captures.outdoor footwear , so saves work and wear and tear to carpets . Good value !
Sally Smith - 21 July 2016

Big strong tray
Sarah - 24 April 2016

fits exactly in the lobby and encourages people to remove their walking boots!
gwen axford - 16 February 2016

Great product for muddy boots. Acts as a good reminder to guests to remove their dirty boots.Sturdy and the small size is quite large
Nicky Cole - 20 January 2016

Bought 3 trays to use around our private home after see item in a self catering Lake's cottage. Would disagree with previous comment re breakage as ours have received years of constant use. Highly recommended
Rod Tyson - 02 January 2016

Simple yet excellent product, I've been looking for something like this for ages.
Rhoda McVey - 28 December 2015

Excellent product and very quick delivery
Annie MacKenzie - 17 December 2015

great buy and has a lot of uses ,guests always ask where they can buy them.
Annie Mackenzie - 15 December 2015

Have had boot trays in B@B and self catering unit since they were first introduced. Never broken or snapped after years of use. Would recommend most definitely.
Andrea Bell - 06 October 2014

Ordered the large plastic boot tray for my self- catering cottage to encourage guests to take off their shoes. It was broken on arrival, but as I needed it for that weekend I had nothing else to use, so put it in the property.. The plastic is very brittle and I suspect would easily get broken if accidently knocked or stepped on. Although I am happy with most of Out of Eden products, I would definitely not advise buying this.
felicity owens - 21 May 2014

Fantastic buy! I was glad I bought the large one though. Particularly liked the label (icon of boot tread) as my guests are non-English speakers. Delivery was fast, efficient and well packed.
Anderson - 04 December 2013

So good some of my guests ask where to buy one!
Hilary - 21 May 2013

Wonderful when our guests arrive with muddy boots or just soaking wet feet.
Mary Brown - 02 May 2011