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Floral Table Decorations

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Product Code: 5990_5991_5992_5995_5996

Hydrangea Glass Cube - 5990-1
Hydrangea Glass Cube, Pack of 4 - 5990-4
Pink Rose Glass Cube - 5991-1
Pink Rose Glass Cube, Pack of 4 - 5991-4
White Rose Glass Cube - 5992-1
White Rose Glass Cube, Pack of 4 - 5992-4
White Rose Mini Globe - 5995-1
White Rose Mini Globe, Pack of 4 - 5995-4
Plum Rose Garden Glass Trough, Pack of 2 - 5996-2

Adorn your hallway, dining room or bedrooms with these stunning flower arrangements that bring the touch and look of beautiful natural flowers without the hassle. Very realistic yet artificial, each piece is made from man-made fabric and set in a clear glass vase.

For easy cleaning, dust can simply be blown off the flowers with a hairdryer.

  • Hand made in the UK. 
  • Dimensions: Mini Globe 12 x 9cm (dia/h), Glass Cube 7 x 7 x 12cm
    (lwh), Glass Trough 30 x 9 x 21cm (lwh).