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Squash Stix

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Product Code: 4090

200ml Apple and Blackcurrant Squash Stix Pack of 200 - 4090-317-200
200ml Apple and Blackcurrant Squash Stix Pack of 50 - 4090-317-50
200ml Orange Squash Stix Pack of 50 - 4090-414-50
200ml Orange Squash Stix Pack of 200 - 4090-414-200

These Squash Stix are made from the freshest ingredients and don't contain any artificial colours, flavourings or sugar and offer instant refreshment when mixed with water. With less than 7 calories per glass and one box of 200 making an incredible 10 bottles of squash, these stix are perfect for guests who want something cool to drink or an alternative to tea or coffee.

  • Less than 7 calories per glass
  • Two flavours 
  • Reduces land fill
  • 8ml add to 200ml of water
  • Free from artificial colours or flavours
  • Carton of 50 or 200

Best Before:

  • Apple & Blackcurrant 200 pack 11th January 2018
  • Apple & Blackcurrant 50 pack 22nd May 2018
  • Orange 200 pack 13th May 2018
  • Orange 50 pack 13th May 2018

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Great idea but tastes horrible and cheap - wont be ordering this product again.
michelle O'Brien - 06 September 2016

We have only just started using this product as a trial and have had an extremely positive response from our guests who have really appreciated this option on the hospitality tray during the warmer days. Will definitely be reordering.
Linda - 01 September 2016