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Dairystix Semi Skimmed Milk Sticks

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Product Code: 4031

Dairystix Milk In A Stick Semi Skimmed12ml Pack of 50 - 4031-50
Dairystix Milk In A Stick Semi Skimmed12ml Pack of 250 - 4031-250

Dairystix is the worlds first milk in a stick and comes in handy easy to tear and pour foil sticks. This whole or semi skimmed UHT milk is from UK-only farms. It tastes great and has a long shelf life. 

You will be able to keep all ingredients together on the tray with 40% less storage space and 50% less packaging than jigger pots these sticks are a revolution in milk portions. They are great value too.

Best before:

  • Packs of 50 25th September 2017
  • Packs of 250 25th September 2017

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Excellent Product
Barnfield Bed & Breakfast - 08 January 2017

So good to find British milk in an area usually dominated by our EU partners!
Clanville Manor - 24 August 2016

As close to fresh milk taste as possible. Neat and compact for ease of display on the hospitality tray. Easer to open than pots!
Bank Villa - 12 August 2016

Love these sticks - space savers on hospitality tray, far better than annoying jiggers that squirt back on you!
Jane - 22 July 2016

Very good quality as usual, though not five star as in cutting top off, visitors don't always take care and milk squirts out - could have a wider tab at the top? Also, 250 too many for me, 50 not quite enough; 100 would be perfect (at price a bit below 2 x 50!).
Frances Carter - 15 July 2016

Great product. I won't use anything else. Jiggers take up so much space and cause a lot of waste but these are much better. I have never had a problem with opening them in 2 years.
Sue Williams - 04 May 2016

I agree with both previous reviews. They do look good on the tray and when they open easily they are great. But some don't open easily, leading to frustrated guests and milk on floor!
Cathy Norton - 01 September 2014

Bought these against my better judgment, should have stayed with jiggers (didn't because of short shelf life). 1st Stix I tried did pull across the dotted line but this didn't open it properly so had to squeeze milk out in droplets. 2nd Stix I couldn't pull open and had to use scissors. I will end up with frustrated guests & milk all over the bedrooms I think!
Val McRobbie - 30 July 2014

Though we offer guests fresh milk this is my choice for the hospitality tray. Neater and easier to use and store than the jigger pots. Handy for taking away with packed lunches.
J J McKilligan - 05 June 2014