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Eco Towels 600g

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Product Code: 3162

Eco Hand Towel 600g - 3162-110-42
Eco Bath Towel 600g - 3162-110-43
Eco Bath Sheet 600g - 3162-110-44

These terry towels take 15% less time to dry than conventional textiles and yet are so soft and comfortable to touch that you wouldn't know that they aren't all cotton. The terry loops that you feel close to the skin are 100% cotton which is why these towels perform as well as 100% cotton towels but dry faster because the towel base fabric is poly cotton. Made from 80% Cotton and 20% Polyester, these towels will save on your energy bills without compromising your standards.

Read how to care for your towels

Dimensions are:

· Hand Towel 50 x 90cm  

· Bath Towel 70 x 130cm  

· Bath Sheet 100 x 150cm 

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We spent a long time researching bath towels before choosing the Eco 600g. Very pleased indeed with them
Barbara Terry - 14 December 2016

great have purchased these before and do exactly what i would expect
Angeline - 17 August 2016

had to be washed several times to get rid of all the fluff. Good soft feel to it and dries faster than other towels.
Thomas Miehe - 04 July 2016

Very good, guests love them.
colebrooke house - 16 June 2016

Nice to us/wash. guests say good size, thick without too much wieght.
colebrooke house - 16 June 2016

Fantastic. Just washed and feel as soft as if they had been tumbled. Wished that you also did an ivory colour in 600g. Makes it easier to identify if 2 people shariing a bathroom.
Sarah Prentice - 09 May 2016

Great item, a fraction of the time to dry either in the tumble or on the line, Fluffy and soft to use.
Catherine - 20 November 2015

I got an Eco bath towel to try it out for myself before investing in this product. I am so delighted with it - it is so soft & dries me well. Hung up inside straight from the washing machine, when dry, it feels as if its just come out of the dryer - soft and fluffy and the drying time is quicker. No need to put these towels into a dryer to fluff them up I have now bought towels for all the rooms in my Eco-friendly Gold Star B&B
Victoria Sutherland - 01 June 2014