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Smallest Ever Pedestal Mat 900g

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Product Code: 3150

Smallest Ever Pedestal Mat 900g White - 3150-110
Smallest Ever Pedestal Mat 900g Cream - 3150-112

These unique sized 100% terry cotton towelling mats are ideal wherever space is limited.

Their smaller size also saves on your laundry costs.

  • 900g
  • Made in Turkey
  • No rubber backing
  • 20 x 16 inches 50 x 40cms
  • White or cream


Quantity discount save 30p each when ordering 20 or more.

I can understand the need for a 'small' pedestal but I think that this is just too small and looks a bit odd when on the floor. A length of around 20 ins by perhaps 18 ins would look much more sensible.
Andrew Paylor - 03 August 2016

This pedestal mat is the answer to my problem ! My old one was too big and every time I opened or shut the door it would get trapped underneath now it's just perfect!
Michelle Harley - 17 December 2015