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Wash and Bounce Pillows

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Product Code: 2755

Wash and Bounce Pillow 18 x 27 - 2755-27-1
Wash and Bounce Pillow 18 x 27 Pack of 12 - 2755-27-12-DS
Wash and Bounce Pillow 19 x 29 - 2755-29-1
Wash and Bounce Pillow 19 x 29 Pack of 12 - 2755-29-12-DS

These best selling synthetic pillows continue to outsell all our other pillows year on year because they really do maintain their shape – whatever. It’s all because the unique soft fibre filling is completely loose (it was even considered as a snow substitute on dry ski slopes) and it prevents the pillows from going flat even under constant use. Non allergenic. Easy to wash in a normal washing machine at 40 degrees and can be tumbled dried.

  • BS 5852 Ignition Source 2.
  • Sizes:
    Standard - 18 x 27", 46 x 69cm, 700g
    Luxury - 19 x 29", 48 x 74cm, 850g

We now own Euroquilt, the company that makes this pillow.

Just a top up to our existing very good quality stock.
Sally Luck - 28 January 2017

Excellent product have purchased before and will again
Sue - 30 December 2016

Excellent product have purchased before and would again
Sue Sturgess - 30 December 2016

"Does what it says on the tin". Having tried others, wouldn't use any other pillows now!
Mrs H Liley - 25 November 2016

Excellent value pillows, found them very comfortable just right for a good nights sleep
GrahamMoore - 06 September 2016

Great buy
barnfieldbandb - 06 September 2016

These are the best pillows I have ever bought. They wash really well and are very comfortable. Ideal for our chalet park. I have saved money as have not had to replace so many pillows this year!
Nadine Gray - 30 March 2016

Had these before I would recommend them to anybody
Jane Esson - 07 March 2016

They are too big for a standard pillowcase. They may look nice and plump but actually they need some stuffing taken out as they do not fit any of my housewife/Oxford pillowcases.
Sally hibbert - 10 February 2016

Purchased these pillows in 2008 for B&B and holiday let business. They were recommended to me by a Hotelier and they are BRILLIANT. Only just replenishing them now after 8 years of constant use and many washes! I use good quality pillow protectors from Out of Eden too. Well worth the investment.
Janet Woods - 17 January 2016

Excellent product, soft and comfortable.
Neville Brown - 15 January 2016

Very uncomfortable pillow that rustles loudly every time you move your head. Doesn't bounce back at all from having your head laid on it. Only just received it so not washed it yet so don't know how it will fare once it's been washed. At the moment, disappointed and won't be buying anymore.
Julie - 01 September 2015

Was totally disappointed by these pillows, they are the worst I've ever bought. They're not bouncy at all, at the contrary, they completely sink in and the material inside is not comfortable, it also makes a rustling noise. I'm replacing them as they are not fit for purpose, O wish I could return them. Unsatisfied customer
Nat - 16 August 2015

I bought some of these 4 years ago. They have been in constant use and still going really well. One delighted customer!
Milestones, Cotswolds holiday cottage - 30 November 2014

Ardmaddy Castle Holiday Cottages in Oban use this bedding. It is lovely and gave me the best sleep in many years. Thank you Out of Eden. Need to get myself some now.
Caroline Feighery - 16 May 2013

The best pillows on the market. I gave one to a friend with severe a neck problem, he has found it excellent !
Rosemary Pryce - 23 September 2012

I have been using these pillows for years now and haven't found any others to beat them. Great Value
Margaret Shields - 31 May 2012

These are the best pillows we've ever used and we cannot recommend them enough.
Mrs C Jackson - 30 November 2011

The Wash and Bounce pillows I ordered are fantastic
Mrs G Leyburn - 17 March 2011