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Classic Collection by Out of Eden, 5 Litre Liquid Soap, Shampoo, Gel and Lotion

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Product Code: 1112_1113_1114_

Antibacterial Hand Wash 5 litres - 1112
Clear Hand Wash, Soft Thyme and Grapefruit 5 litres - 1113
Pink Hand Wash, Rose Blossom 5 litres - 1114
Shampoo, Lemon Blossom and Bergamont 5 litres - 1115
Shampoo and Shower Gel, Grapefruit and Orange 5 litres - 1116
Hair Conditioner, Bergamot and Pink Pepper 5 litres - 1117
Bath Soak Lavender and Pine 5 litres - 1118
Hand and Body Lotion, Freesia and Mandarin 5 litres - 1119
30ml Dispensing Hand Pump - 5201

Our best selling classic liquids come in a variety of high quality formulations and fragrances in soft colour tones. Many hotel guests will use liquid in preference to wasting a hand soap,even if you offer conventional toiletries.

These liquids come in 5 litre containers for easy refilling of our screen printed pump bottles, which are supplied empty, or our liquid dispensers. 

  • 5 litre bulk refills
  • Don't forget! 30ml pump for easy dispensing (see below)
  • Not tested on animals
  • Free from parabens
  • Made in the UK
  • Samples available

For samples please phone, email or click this link to Contact us

Our attractive 250ml or 300ml empty dispensing bottles for these soaps are sold separately. 

Very good quality as last review
John Roberts/Monravon - 14 April 2017

Always use this item very good quality
John Roberts/Monravon - 14 April 2017

My customers comment on how nice the Rose scent liquid soap smells. I have been buying this for several years now and have found no comparison elsewhere
Janet Robinson - 23 December 2016

Tyme and Grapefruit hand wash is very economical with just a hint of citrus smell. It gives a very efficient wash which is a favourite of guests. I order this more often than the other similar products
Bryan Lloyd - 14 December 2016

Great value hand wash that gives a strong floral fragrance. Very economical
Bryan Lloyd - 14 December 2016

Quick, efficient service as usual. Guests love these liquid soaps & comment on how soft they leave their hands feeling.
Valerie & Peter Gutteridge - 10 November 2016

Very nice goes along way, so very Economical
Carol hill - 28 September 2016

We buy these refill containers every year. Guests have commented on it's lovely fragrant. Easy to refill.
W. Landels - 02 September 2016

Excellent product. We use it all the time in the Ladies toilets.
Alison Breton - 19 August 2016

excellent product. not strong perfumed. Have been buying it for years
Paul - 16 July 2016

Quick and efficient service from Out of Eden as always. I especially like this shower gel/shampoo as it has such a fresh fragrant smell. Thanks
Mackinnon - 14 July 2016

Quick and efficient service from Out of Eden as always. I especially like this shower gel/shampoo as it has such a fresh fragrant smell. Thanks
Mackinnon - 14 July 2016

Lovely hand & body lotion and very good value for money.
Irene Entwistle - 09 July 2016

I get so many guests comment on how nice this soap smells.
Janet - 07 July 2016

Lovely product. Great smell
A;an Hargreaves - 06 July 2016

This product is appreciated by our guests. So much so that it often gets taken away!!! We take this as a compliment.
Nicola Moran (nee Deakin) - 05 July 2016

Excellent product
Roger - 22 June 2016

I love the fresh smell of this soap!
Melanie McCall - 17 June 2016

lovely soap
linda - 14 June 2016

Finally have got around to buying in bulk - seems to be very nice.
Mrs Suzanne Prew-Smith of the Yellow House B&B - 20 April 2016

Consistently good this product is loved by all our guests. With a lively good morning lets wake up fragrance it gets our guests off to a good start. Gentle on the skin too and lathers well even in our hard water area.
Denise Patterson - 10 April 2016

I love the smell of this!
Olga Hammock - 05 April 2016

Very good product. Nice smell, our guests love it.
Sandra Livingstone - 28 February 2016

excellent product. not strong perfumed
Paul - 23 February 2016

Lovely smell, good texture.
Judy Harding - 22 February 2016

Good product.
Neville Brown - 15 January 2016

Really pleasant aromas with these products, and good all round quality - as is everything you promote and sell
Jean Hardacre - 15 January 2016

Very good
Aman Khanna - 13 December 2015

I have been using Out Of Eden products for 7 years. Everything from bedding, towels, toiletries, tissues. You name it, I've ordered it. At all times products have been of the highest standards and guests have commented on the quality of products we use. I feel I have always had excellent value for money, but possibly most of all I have valued the outstanding customer service from the initial telephone call to the swift delivery of my order. Thank You ALL at Out Of Eden
Janet Fisher - 15 May 2014

The soap/shower gel
Apollojim - 30 January 2012

The Grapefruit and Orange shampoo
Freda Worden - 10 August 2011

The Rose Blossom hand soap used in our holiday cottage had a wonderful and devine scent. Can't wait to order for myself.
Lilian Hardy - 24 July 2011

The smell from these products are divine, especially the Rose blossom hand soap. Our Guests like the quality of the product and they have proven very economical to use.
Dawn Barnes - 19 July 2011

I have been using this product and others in this range and our customers like it.It saves on waste ie. small bottles that cannot be refilled and thrown away, creating yet more plastic waste. This product is economical and user friendly.
Sue Fern - 06 June 2011